For a new statewide school system:

We developed a business plan for prospective donors.

A new statewide school system was being designed to assume operation of the lowest performing schools. While publicly funded, the school system was looking to the private sector and to philanthropic organizations for help with start-up costs. When opportunities arose to meet prospective funders, the organization found itself lacking an effective way to communicate the vision for the system and the plan to achieve such a vision. AltshulerStaats was hired to develop a concise, articulate and compelling business plan that could be shared with prospective donors. AltshulerStaats began with interviews with the leadership team to quickly hone in on clear goals and strategies to achieve them, and then designed communication materials in which to articulate these points as well as resources required, timelines and milestones and key success factors. Working closely with the leadership team, AltshulerStaats drafted a document that was put to immediate use with prospective donors.


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Business plan development