For a K-12 independent school:

We developed a comprehensive five-year strategic plan for the institution.

An independent school was facing a variety of internal and external pressures — changing market forces were leading to a decline in enrollment, with increasing competition for students in the school’s target market; growing financial aid needs coupled with declining enrollment had the school caught in a vicious financial spiral; morale was low among the faculty; parents were increasingly vocal in their unhappiness. ¬†AltshulerStaats was hired to facilitate an institution-wide strategic plan, something that had never before been undertaken. To understand where the school stood relative to its vision, AltshulerStaats held extensive interviews with faculty and current parents, conducted an alumni survey reaching 1,300 individuals, deciphered enrollment trends, and evaluated key financial and operational measures. AltshulerStaats shared this analysis with a Strategic Planning Steering Committee comprised of senior leaders, and facilitated a series of meetings to reflect on the current state of the school and develop strategic priorities.¬† These priorities put the school on a path to strengthen the academic program, improve community relations, and move the school to a solid financial foundation.


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