For a major medical school:

We developed an institution-wide strategic plan to achieve its vision of becoming the nation’s leading public medical school.

A major medical school sought to develop a strategic plan for achieving its aspiration to be seen as the nation’s leading public school of medicine – serving as a role model for public medical schools across the nation in providing outstanding service to its state, while being counted among the premier research-based medical schools in the country. To understand where the school stood relative to this vision, AltshulerStaats held extensive interviews with faculty and leaders across the medical school and university, conducted a faculty-wide survey, benchmarked peer institutions, and evaluated key financial and operational measures. AltshulerStaats shared this analysis with a Strategic Planning Steering Committee comprised of senior leaders, and facilitated a series of meetings to reflect on the current state of the school in clinical care, research and education, to reaffirm the school’s vision and mission, and develop strategic priorities to achieve desired goals. Subsequent to development of school-wide plan, AltshulerStaats worked with individual department chairs to develop departmental-level strategic plans.


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