For a major university:

We facilitated visioning and business plan development for a successful new bioengineering institute.

A major university was eager to expand its efforts in the burgeoning field of bioengineering, drawing on its considerable institutional strengths in biomedicine and a growing engineering presence on campus. An alumnus had expressed an interest in supporting a major new initiative in bioengineering, and a committee of senior faculty was formed to develop a proposal for a new institute. AltshulerStaats was engaged to work with this group of founding faculty to develop a business plan for the proposed new venture. Through a series of meetings facilitated by AltshulerStaats, a distinctive and compelling vision leveraging existing strengths was articulated, and specific resource needs were detailed (e.g., faculty, facilities, funding), for achieving that vision over a ten-year period. The vision, business case and financials were integrated into a proposal that led to a $100 million founding gift, the largest in the university’s history.


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Business plan development, Visioning