For a comprehensive cancer center:

We developed a vision and plan for a new $50 million annual state fund for cancer research.

An NCI comprehensive cancer center, housed in a public medical school, was granted a $50 million annual allocation from the state for cancer research. The legislature requested that the cancer center provide a vision and plan for how this money would be used, to ensure its continued support. While the faculty gratefully welcomed this new source of unrestricted research funding, the opportunities they initially identified for its use far exceeded the amount allocated. AltshulerStaats was brought in to help craft a vision and plan for the cancer fund that would leverage existing strengths and take advantage of new opportunities in cancer research, positioning the center for leadership in a select number of cancer research fields, thus making best use of the monies. Working closely with a client team, AltshulerStaats identified three primary focus areas along with key infrastructure investments as the core of a strategic plan, and then developed materials to communicate the strategy. The plan was well-received by the legislature, which continued its annual funding despite major state budget cuts during an economic downturn.


Medical schools, Research institutes

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