For an online education start-up:

We evaluated options for maximizing the value of an internally developed online K-12 science curriculum for a major university.

Faculty at a major university had developed an online K-12 science curriculum and had gained traction in the local market by offering a high quality, low cost product and had established a new entity to promote it. While the new entity was facing a need for additional resources to further enhance the curriculum, university leaders were questioning the viability of the business. AltshulerStaats was hired to help determine how best to maximize the value of the organization to the university by identifying and recommending the range of corporate structures available. AlthulerStaats facilitated discussions with senior university leadership to gain to consensus on institutional objectives (e.g., maximize impact versus revenue), conducted interviews with organizations that had faced similar decision points, conferred with legal counsel, and laid out the range of options and how they fit the identified objectives. This information was a key input to university leadership’s decision to continue to grow the business internally.


Colleges & universities, Education technology

Service Delivered

Organization evaluation / effectiveness, Strategic decision support