For a disease-based research institute:

We assessed the organization and developed a plan to ensure it was well positioned to pursue its mission.

A disease-focused research institute had experienced rapid growth, in large part through generous philanthropic support; the growth stressed the organization and necessitated a rethinking of the institute’s organizational structure. The founding director was concerned that his faculty and staff were not sufficiently focused on the institute’s stated mission of translating basic discoveries to the clinic, and envisioned a new organizational model drawing on academia and industry that would facilitate team-based collaboration and reward success in bringing discoveries to clinical practice. AltshulerStaats was hired to solicit faculty input on organizational options through one-on-one interviews and an institute-wide survey, and then to work with the Director to design the new organization. Through the interviews and survey, it became clear that the challenges facing the institute extended beyond organizational structure to issues of leadership. AltshulerStaats prepared a diagnosis of theses challenges with a set of recommendations for addressing them, and worked with the Director to develop a plan for implementing them.


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