For a high-performing charter school:

We evaluated the need for, and feasibility of, adding a high school to its current K-8 school.

The parents at a K-8 charter school were concerned about the quality of high school options for their children and requested that the Board of Trustees consider opening a high school. AltshulerStaats was hired by the Board Committee and charged with evaluating the need for and feasibility of such an expansion. AltshulerStaats conducted various analyses to understand the historical performance of students after graduation as well as the likely future high school opportunities, taking into account parent and alumni feedback as well as a changing charter environment in the city. AltshulerStaats also outlined the financial and organizational requirements to successfully launch a new school. In addition, AltshulerStaats managed the Committee and Board discussions the that utilized these materials to inform the decision making process.


Charter schools

Service Delivered

Retreat / board facilitation, Strategic decision support