For an international scientific society:

We updated the mission (and mission statement) and developed a five-year strategic plan.

A scientific society was deeply concerned about the future of its long-standing business model, in which publication revenues and membership fees provided funding for wide-ranging education activities, advocacy, and meetings; specifically, membership was declining among the younger generation of scientists, and the long-reliable cash flow from its journals was being threatened by open-access publications. The society saw the need to rethink its mission and member value proposition, and to develop a strategy to ensure long-term financial sustainability. AltshulerStaats was hired to facilitate a strategic planning effort, which began with developing a better understanding of the current state of the society via interviews, a survey of over 10,000 active members, and internal financial and membership trend analysis. This analysis was used as the launching point for a two-day retreat that convened the society’s administrative and elected faculty leadership. AltshulerStaats designed and facilitated the retreat, and then worked with society leadership to synthesize the input into set of strategic priorities that formed the basis of a five-year strategic plan.


Scientific societies

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Retreat / board facilitation, Strategic plan development