For a leading university:

We facilitated academic planning for a new campus focused on interdisciplinary science and engineering.

A leading university had acquired substantial new land and envisioned it as a hub for interdisciplinary, interfaculty science and engineering, with the aim of consolidating and expanding disparate efforts across the university. AltshulerStaats was hired by the Provost’s office to facilitate the work of a senior faculty task force charged with developing a vision and plan for this new campus. After a set of potential initiatives was identified, AltshulerStaats worked with subcommittees of the task force to craft white papers describing the nature of each opportunity and what it would take to realize it. AltshulerStaats designed and facilitated a retreat at which the white papers were reviewed, discussed, and prioritized. Afterwards, AltshulerStaats worked closely with groups of faculty, on behalf of the Provost’s office, to prepare detailed business plans for the highest-priority initiatives, which were used both to guide internal planning and to attract philanthropic support.


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